"I have always been fascinated by the patterns of nature and the patterns of humanity."
"As an artist, I believe our path is the continued transformation of the symbols and understandings of the past   against our current conceptions and misconceptions. It takes place in the form of a visual dialectic that continues on through time, from artist to artist, painting to painting. I think this is where our innate fascination with masterpieces of past artists comes from. For me, I am most entranced with the second half of the 19th century. The paintings are about the transformations and changes in their old culture due to new technology, new economics and new philosophies. The images are a detailed record of their experience as well as a influencing further changes. The transformations and changes that are most critical to our lives today, need to be more than just a news feed on our phones... As we continue our human journey, on this beautiful planet, all the most precious things to us are works of art, for that reason."

From a very young age, David has always gravitated towards the Masters and traditional techniques of Drawing and Painting. Directly after High School in Prince George, B.C. Canada, he attended Emily Carr College of Art and Design (now Emily Carr University of Art and Design) in Vancouver. Not satisfied, he left and began travelling as a street artist through Europe, studying the Masters directly, eventually settling down in Egypt. Later he returned to Canada and spent time at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. Although largely self taught, the Academy of Realist Art solidified his understanding and technique in classical painting.
Technically, David works in the classical manner with oil paint, layer upon layer, glaze and scumble, to create effects that cameras cannot capture, but the eye appreciates. Constantly expanding his talents, he has had the pleasure of working on many challenging and interesting pieces, especially the recreation of a detailed watercolour on vellum by Hans Hoffman. Check it out here.
Currently, David is painting series of majestic scenes of contemporary Egypt in his classical style. Egypt is a very unique place that lets him address our current understanding of what it means to be modern in a place that is simultaniously Ancient, Medieval and Modern. Check out the preliminary work here.
David lives with his family in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is a member of the Portrait Society of Canada.

David specializes in Oil, Watercolour and dry media.
Contact him about Price. The price of a Portrait is determined by the number of faces and size of the painting.
For example a shoulder length portrait at 16 by 20 inches would be about $1500.

David uses Rublev and Old Holland paints and normally paints on Masonite panels. There are other support options, such as ACM panels for an added cost.
The price includes materials but not framing or shipping.
David is accepting Commissions at this time.
If you are interested in contacting David about a portrait or buying one of his paintings, please complete the form below, or email him directly at davidkrysko@kryskoarts.com.
Thank you!
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